Travel More - the Field Guide to Travelling on a small Budget

Travel More - the Field Guide to Travelling on a small Budget

Robin Raindropcatcher

Why people think they can't travel

On my travels I come across many people. Many of them tell me, they would like to do something similar. And each has another excuse.

Whatever the original excuse, many you can lead back to the same source: They think they don't have enough money for travelling. 

Does that sound like you? Then read on.

Please don't wait for retirement

These excuses are usually followed by "I'll start travelling when I'm retired.

But let me tell you: You won't. You might have the money then. You might have the time then. But you won't have the energy anymore. And all of a sudden you find yourself not having travelled in your lifetime, trying to swipe it off with something along the lines of "Well, the economy was bad."

But let me tell you: The economy is brilliant for travelling. Exactly now.

If you don't start travelling more now, you will never do it. It's one of these things you keep pushing around in front of you.

The moment is now and you do have enough money to do it!

Imagine a new world for yourself

In three days you could be boarding a plane. Maybe a bus. Maybe a car.

What do you like better? Relaxing on the beach, wandering through deserts, drinking tea in oasis' or exploring the endless whites of Antarctica?

The possibilities are endless and you know it.

Where would you go, if you could be there in three days? Why would you go there? What would it be like?

Tell you a secret: It is possible now!

What you think you need much money for

So, that plane flight has to be expensive, right? Naaaahhh. Not necessarily. And who says, you have to go by plane in the first place?

You need somewhere to sleep, right? That costs money, right? Naaaaahhhhh, not necessarily. There are plenty of ways to even have a roof over your head for free.

This book doesn't only give you the cheapest ways to travel. I don't assume you will stumble into them. But people are often afraid of the worst case scenario. Cool, I got those covered as well. There's always a backup plan.

So, why trust me?

You can follow my current journey with my van Hermes on aboutwings.com.

But there is more to my journey. I've moved from Vienna to London when I was 19. After one year I decided to go homeless. But in the good way. With my rucksack I travelled Europe for about two years.

The following attempt to settle down again wasn't very successful, as you might imagine (careful, it's addictive).

What do others say?

"The way Robin tells stories with so much passion is [...] He's definitely an inspiration when it comes to traveling, and actually shows the struggles one faces on their journey, which I really appreciate." - Angela d. H.

"I have traveled some by train and bus and enjoyed it and met some fabulous people but I want to do more..." - Sara C.

"I could write long pages about [Travel More] [...] Reading Robin's words always give me more courage and strength to live the life I imagined for myself, as fully as possible. [...] I only have just a few pages left of your book from yesterday and I feel sorry about finishing it [...] And imagine, today I've made my first hitchhiking experience!" - Ágota B.

This book will show you that travelling doesn't have to be expensive

Every time you enter a new place, you change your reality entirely. Travelling widens your mental horizon. It makes you more intelligent. It makes you more creative. It opens up your mind to new perspectives and teaches you a lot about life.

Travelling can turn your entire life upside-down. Allow it finally.

This is the time to travel. Stop delaying your dreams and see the world.

The first step to get closer to this, you can do right now. Do the first step and get this book!

If you think you can't afford your dinner tonight if you buy it, then take it for free. While I surely need to live off something as well, my main goal is to get you on your first and next adventure. Just be fair ;)


Covered in this book are the following topics:

1.) Mindset

2.) Accomodation

3.) Food

4.) Hygiene

5.) Movement

6.) Internet, Phone & Electricity

7.) Money Sources

8.) Epilogue

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